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CS Executive

  • Avighna offers comprehensive Company Secretary classes in Kalyan, specifically designed for CS Executive students.

  • CS Executive is the 2nd level in the Company Secretary Course. It involves 2 Modules with 4 subjects in each.

  • Avighna’s CS Executive classes in Kalyan are structured to ensure that students meet the passing criteria, which require them to score a minimum of 40% marks in each subject individually and maintain an aggregate total of at least 50% marks across all subjects in a particular module.

  • Avighna Conducts CS Executive Lectures for the entire syllabus covering all the subjects. Mock tests are conducted for the writing practice of students and to prepare them for exams as well.

Avighna, located in Kalyan, offers top-notch Company Secretary classes also tailored for CS Executive students. These classes provide comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus, including all the subjects required for CS Executive. Recognizing the importance of exam preparation, Avighna conducts regular mock tests to equip students with valuable writing practice and to ensure they are well-prepared for their upcoming examinations. With a strong focus on meeting the passing criteria, Avighna’s CS Executive classes in Kalyan are designed to foster success and enable students to excel in their CS Executive journey.  Avighna is also known to be the best Company Secretary Classes in Kalyan for CSSET and CS Professional Levels. Enroll now to achieve excellence! 

Course Subjects

There are in all 8 subjects divided into two modules.
Module 1 contains

  • Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws
  • Company Law;
  • Setting Up Of Business Entities & Closure
  • Tax laws.

Module 2 containing of

  • Corporate & Management Accounting;
  • Securities Laws & Capital Markets;
  • Economic, Business & Commercial Laws
  • Financial & Strategic Management.


Candidate who has cleared CSEET examinations is eligible for appearing in CS Executive Exams.

Career Options

Post clearing the CS Executive Exams, candidate has to go through Executive Development programmer of ICSI which is for 1 month. Also the candidate has to undergo long term practical training for 21 months’ post completing the EDP programmer & clearing CS Executive Exams.

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