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Best CS Classes In Kalyan For CS Professionsal

CS Professional

  • Avighna in Kalyan offers excellent coaching classes for CS Professional, which is the ultimate level in the Company Secretary Course.

  • CS Professional is the final level in the Company Secretary Course. The course has 3 Modules each involving 3 Subjects.

  • The passing criteria for CS Professional is 40 % marks individually in each subject AND aggregate total of the marks of all the subjects in the particular module to be at least 50%.

  • The batches for CS Professional will start from July 2023 for Attempt in June 2024.

  • Avighna provides comprehensive coaching to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in their CS Professional journey.

As the best CS Professional coaching classes in Kalyan, Avighna combines comprehensive study material, regular assessments, and personalized attention to ensure students’ success. Our strategic approach includes mock tests, case studies, and practical exercises to enhance students’ knowledge retention and application abilities. Avighna’s commitment to excellence and its track record of producing top-notch Company Secretaries make it the preferred choice for aspirants seeking quality education and holistic development.

Join Avighna’s CS Professional coaching classes in Kalyan to embark on a transformative learning journey that equips you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the final stage of the Company Secretary Course.

Course Subjects

The Professional Course has 9 Subjects divided into 3 modules.
Module 1 includes

  • Governance, Risk Management & Compliance & Ethics
  • Advance Tax Laws
  • Drafting, Pleadings & Appearances.

Module 2 includes

  • Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management & Due Diligence
  • Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation & Winding Up
  • Resolution of Corporate Disputes, Non-Compliances and Remedies.

Module 3 Contains

  • Corporate Funding and listing in Stock Exchanges;
  • Multidisciplinary Case Studies (open book);
  • Optional Subject – to choose out of 8 options.


The Candidate who has passed the CS Executive Exams is eligible for appearing in the CS Professional Examinations. The candidate appearing has to pass the online assessment tests for each of the subjects at the professional level before filling out exam forms.

Career Options

Company Secretary is a Professional in the field of Company Law and Compliance Management. He/ She can act as a compliance officer of the company and can conduct secretarial audits/ governance audits, etc. for companies. Company secretaries act as advisors to the board of directors and KMPs of the companies.

  • After passing the CS Professional Programme, the Professional has to undergo Corporate Leadership Development Programme which is for 30-60 days.
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